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When I was eleven, one girl that I was close to, used to make fun of my friendship with a guy. She was suggesting that we were homosexual, and I didn’t exactly understand what she was saying at that time.

Turns out she was partially right: I am not a heterosexual guy. But it took me many years after that, to realize that I am asexual.


I’ve been browsing Transgender Housing Network. There are really sad posts, like “My parents want to kill me”. And some really generous posts like “We will share our house and our meals with you” as well.

If you need accommodation or can provide accommodation, THN is the top place to post.


I realized that I was asexual in 2012. Since then, I have discovered a series of things about myself, including my being bigender, my asperger’s, and childhood abuse.

I’m thankful to the various people and communities on the internet whose information helped me understand myself. Especially to Penelope Trunk whose blog was the turning point.

Androgynous vs. Androgyne

I’m not androgyne, but I present as androgynous. Presenting as androgynous makes me more comfortable than presenting as masculine or feminine.

I’ve been trying to understand why. I think both my genders made a truce when I was not around, and decided that I would present as androgynous, as a middle ground.

Another possibility is that I shift genders too frequently, so presenting as androgynous is the only way out.

The Problem with Indian Culture

The problem with Indian culture, in my opinion, is not that it has problems. In developed countries, they usually recognize their problems as problems, while in India, problems are not recognized as problems in the first place.

The problem with Indian culture is not the problems, it is the fact that the problems are frequently not seen as problems.


Equal treatment of a set of groups does not suppose that the groups are equally good at the skill. Rather, it means that every individual will be assessed individually, without consideration of which groups they belong to.