Transition and Gender Identity

Many people, confuse transition and being transgender.

One do not need to take any steps to transition to be transgender. Taking more effort to transition does not make one more transgender than someone who takes lesser effort.

If one take less effort to transition, they are more likely to be misgendered, but it is not their fault, it is a fault of society.

If one present visibly outside the binary (like Conchita Wurst), they are likely to be face violence and hostility, again, it is not their fault, it is a fault of society.

Post-transition transgender people face societal pressure to be heterosexual. In terms of numbers, a larger fraction of transgender people are homosexual, asexual, skoliosexual, etc. than cisgender people.

Ironically, social pressure to conform to the gender binary is stronger for post-transition transgender people than for cisgender people.

I find that I face a lot of social pressure in my transition. To counter this, for every step I take to transition, I first decide whom I am doing it for: for myself, or for societal acceptance.


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