Nonbinary People and Asexuality: Roundup

Here is the roundup of posts for the January 2015 Carnival of Aces, about nonbinary people and asexuality. Thanks for submitting!

  1. Genderless and Asexual: Two Interconnected Identities by Cinderace
  2. Not Understanding vs Not Wanting to Understand – There is a Difference by Ettina
  3. Boxes: Why Pick Just One? by Sciencings
  4. All I Want to Be is a Whole Person: On Being Intergender and Asexual by Stormy Rose
  5. Notes on Non-binary Aroace & Queer Assailability… as Queerspawn by Rotten Zucchinis
  6. Nonbinary Butch by The Thinking Asexual
  7. Bidimensional Models for Asexuality and Gender Identity by Isaac

Next month’s carnival is on Cross Community Connections.


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