Transgender Terminology in Psychiatry

The psychiatry community does not accepted the terminology used by the transgender community. Instead of using male and female to classify people by gender identity, they insist on using the terms to classify people by the state of their genitals.

This is one of the reasons why the transgender community is being systematically hurt by the psychiatry community. Essentially, their terminology implies that without genital surgery, transwomen are men, transmen are women, and erases the existence of nonbinary people.

Until the psychiatry community accepts the right terminology, they cannot accept the gender identity of trans people. Many psychiatrists have harmed the trans community in various ways, and there is pervasive distrust of psychiatrists among trans people. Essentially, most trans people regard psychiatrists as gatekeepers who need to be conned with stereotypical trans narratives, and bribed with consultation fees to allow them to transition, and most psychiatrists deserve neither the trust nor the money of trans people.

Changing terminology is a big issue, especially because the psychiatry community is part of the community of doctors, and the trans community does not have much representation within the community of doctors. But this step is essential if the psychiatry community and the trans community are to work together, and have a relationship based on trust rather than on gatekeeping and misrepresentation.

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