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I’ll Take My Feminism Without Snark, Thank You

I’ll Take My Feminism Without Snark, Thank You, says Gina Luttrell: Women have a right to be angry about their lot in life. Representation of us in popular culture certainly isn’t great; we are still socialized to be submissive; we are expected to carry the weight of a career and family on our shoulders. That’s a lot to be angry about. Anger has its place, but this kind of anger-in-superiority does not belong in something public. Feminists have a lot of really important things to say, and there is a lot that could use refining. If feminists care about the robustness of their philosophies and want to truly change the world to help women, they are going to have to cut the circlejerking, the snobbery, and the snark and start having real conversations with people.